08.04.2016 - Students of Karlsruhe (Germany) and Krasnodar will make and present toys and pieces of furniture to a kindergarten

This was mentioned during the reception of teachers and students of Heinrich Hübsch Vocational School from the German sister city Karlsruhe. The meeting which was led by Vladimir Evlanov took place in the City Hall of Krasnodar.

— I’m glad that you come to us to undergo training. Many of you visit our city for the first time, and I hope that you’ll gain best experience from the trip and communication with fellow students. Now and again our guys — students of Krasnodar colleges, in their turn, come to Karlsruhe under student exchange programs and they are also heartily welcomed there, — Vladimir Evlanov said when addressing the German students.

The meeting was also attended by Chairwoman of Krasnodar City Duma Vera Galushko, Deputy Chief of administrative department, Chief of the department of foreign relations and protocol of Krasnodar administration Boris Staroselskiy, Deputy Chief of the department of education Eugenia Shkuta, students and teachers of Krasnodar humanitarian technology college.

The cooperation of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe is actively developing in different spheres and branches: healthcare, education, culture and sport. The fruitful collaboration between Heinrich Hübsch Vocational School and Krasnodar humanitarian technology college has developed since 2008. There are regular exchanges of students.

This year in the middle of March Russian students visited Karlsruhe where they worked on a joint project of vocational education and training in the area of woodworking industry. And now it is time of a return visit of German students who will stay in Krasnodar for 12 days visiting also Sochi and Apsheronsk.

It has become a good tradition that students of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe fulfil a joint charity project. This time they make pieces of furniture and toys for kindergarten № 23. On April 15 students gift the products to children of the pre-school institution.

— We would like to thank you muchly for the reception at the level of the city government, it is a great honour for us. Such friendly and informal relations between our cities are very important; they lead students to a closer communication and better acquaintance with one another. By the way, they are quickly getting along with each other including using up-to-date technologies, — Director of Heinrich Hübsch Vocational School and head of the German delegation Mr. Peter Winklhofer said.

The cooperation of Krasnodar humanitarian technology college and the school of Heinrich Hübsch (Karlsruhe, Germany) has kept on since 2008. Beginning from 2010 there has been bilateral exchanges of students once every two years: 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016.

The project 2016 (the fourth by turn) is being realized in the area of vocational education and training in the line of “Woodworker. Woodworking technology”.

Vocational School of Heinrich Hübsch is one of the biggest vocational schools of Karlsruhe (Germany). The base line of it is the construction technology which comprises such departments as construction, roofing, painting technique, wood- and metalworking. There are 100 teachers in the school. 1800 students are taught in 100 specialized classes. Besides that Heinrich Hübsch Vocational School is an educational institution for beginner teachers.

Date: 08 April 2016, 14:30