Krasnodar humanitarian-technological college signed an agreement with Eberhard-Schöck Fund (Germany)

Within the context of Karlsruhe-Krasnodar sister-city relations today the parties gave start to a new joint project in sphere of vocational education.

— We have signed an agreement concerning vocational education of mosaists and tile layers. The cooperation will become useful for students both in professional and cultural aspects because of the project includes wide exchange of students, — the college director Yuri Yurchenko commented.

The project will be implemented on the base of Krasnodar humanitarian-technological college with the assistance of Eberhard-Schöck Fund.

The ceremony was participated by Co-chairman of the board of Eberhard-Schöck Fund Peter Möller, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Krasnodar Region Konstantin Fedorenko as well as lecturers and students of construction section of the college.

In the course of the meeting there was a signing of official agreement between the college and Fund made under the Agreement concluded by the Fund and Ministry of Education and Science of Krasnodar Region. Besides that, the project involves architecture and civil engineering technical school of Krasnodar and Novorossiysk college of construction and economy.

— Through signing of the agreement and by joint efforts we want to improve the level of vocational education. Our Fund needs good partners and your college is exactly as such, — Peter Möller marked.

He also added that the project is meant for young people, it can help them to fulfil themselves as good specialists in the sphere.

According to Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Krasnodar Region Konstantin Fedorenko the process of vocational training and students exchange runs on for two years and Kuban students eagerly engage in it.

In his speech Konstantin Fedorenko touched upon the theme of students’ participation in “WorldSkills Russia” competition – Professional Skills National Championship. This year the prestigious competition will be participated by 15 students from Krasnodar Region colleges and technical schools. Representatives of the region will compete in 14 categories - electrical works, auto-painting, repair and maintenance of light motor vehicles, lathe and stucco works, woodwork, floristics, suits designing, nursery and bakery.  

Cooperation between Krasnodar humanitarian-technological college and Eberhard-Schöck Fund (Germany) started several years ago. The first project aimed at further training of plumbers was implemented in 2006, training of woodworkers in 2008 and painters in 2011.

Date: 27 May 2015, 14:14