The Alley of Krasnodar’s sister cities is laid out in the Park of Victory

In the midst of celebratory events in honor of Krasnodar’s birthday a laying of the Alley of sister cities took place in the Victory Park today. The trees were planted by representatives of sister cities from Karlsruhe, Harbin, Yerevan, and Sukhumi who came to Krasnodar to celebrate the City Day this year.

— Today we establish a wonderful tradition — we lay out the alley of our sister cities. I hope that in the closest future Krasnodar acquires new friendly cities and accordingly the number of trees here will be ever growing. The people’s diplomacy helps people to become closer. Residents of the capital of Kuban advocate the enhancement of sister cities relations,— Vladimir Evlanov said.

At the first stage the Alley consists of four acacia trees. They have been planted with a close root system — it is when a tree is transplanted from a container where it has grown. In such a case that tree takes roots much better. The trees were planted by representatives of Karlsruhe, Harbin, Yerevan and Sukhumi. 

The Alley is situated along the main promenade area just a step away from the Kisses Bridge. The place of the laying is marked by a special stone. Near to each tree there is a plate referring to the sister city whose representatives planted this one.

As it was reported, ceremonial arrangements dedicated to the City Day of Krasnodar have begun with the official reception of foreign delegation which was led by the city Head Vladimir Evlanov and Chairwoman of Krasnodar City Duma Vera Galushko.

Date: 26 September 2015, 17:30