Vladimir Evlanov held an official reception of foreign delegations in honor of Krasnodar City Day

Head of Krasnodar and Chairwoman of municipal Duma Vera Galushko welcomed official delegations that arrived in Krasnodar to celebrate its 222nd birthday.

— I’m happy to greet you in our city on these festive days. Today there are here delegations of our most friendly and active sister cities and partners: Karlsruhe (Germany), Harbin (China), Sukhumi (Abkhazia), a delegation from Yerevan (Armenia) and also the German embassy Second Secretary in Moscow Natalia Kanand. This year for the first time our city is visited by a delegation from French Nancy — sister city of Karlsruhe. I’d like to thank you for visiting us and sincerely greet you on behalf of all Krasnodar citizens! — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Krasnodar’s Mayor also remarked that in spite of difficult international situation the cooperation with sister cities has been successfully developed for over last years in various spheres and branches: economy, science, culture, sport, education.

— The strong connections have been forged not only at official delegations level, but also by ordinary people of both cities. This is the most valuable fact. That is why we have established sister city relations. It is evident that we are actually interested in each other and become closer year by year in despite of sanctions and difficult political situation in the world, — Head of Krasnodar said.

In his turn first burgomaster of Karlsruhe Mr. Wolfram Jäger underlined that relations between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe are full of life and the partnership is a contribution of both cities’ residents to the enhancement of mutual understanding between the German and Russian peoples.

— We have made a long way for more than 20 years of our partnership and we will certainly move on. Today we sign another bilateral agreement to continue cooperation in the sphere of youth policy, — Wolfram Jäger said.

When speaking at the reception Vice Mayor of Nancy Mr. Jean-Michel Berlemont greeted chief executives of the city, guests and colleagues from the other countries and emphasized that in 2015 Nancy and Karlsruhe mark the 60th anniversary of their sister city relations and it is very telling.

— Through our German friends we intend to set long-term cooperation with Krasnodar. We have brought specific projects aimed at the development of contacts in the area of university education and culture. We propose to conduct a youth summit “Russia – Germany – France” which is to be initiated by our cities. Besides that we would like to consider contacts in the sphere of healthcare and tourism, — Jean-Michel Berlemont said.

At the official reception Vice Mayor of the Harbin People’s municipal Government Zhang Wanping, Head of Sukhumi administration Adgur Kharazia, Yerevan Mayor’s adviser Araik Kotanjyan and also the German embassy Second Secretary in Moscow Natalia Kanand expressed their congratulations to Krasnodar citizens.

— Harbin plays special role in the project “The New Silk Road”. The city becomes a strategic point in cooperation with Russia. In this context economic ties between Krasnodar and Harbin assume particular importance, — Zhang Wanping stated.

In the course of the meeting two agreements have been signed. The first agreement on bilateral cooperation is concluded between Karlsruhe’s Committee for Matters Concerning Young Persons and Krasnodar administration Youth Department and the second between Krasnodar administration and Harbin People’s Government on cooperation in trade, industry, research and technology, cultural, tourist and social spheres.

Apart from that, Vladimir Evlanov handed Zhang Wanping an official letter from Kuban State Technological University with proposals on establishing contacts with universities of Harbin.

Upon completion of official part guests presented Head of Krasnodar gifts and souvenirs as a symbol of friendship and longstanding partnership.

Date: 29 September 2015, 17:03