Vladimir Evlanov received the student delegation from sister city Karlsruhe (Germany)

Today Krasnodar city hall held official reception of the delegation from University of Applied Sciences of sister city Karlsruhe. German students arrived in Krasnodar within the framework of international project “Summer school of Russian Language”.

— Mutual visits of sister cities delegations occur for over twenty years. During that time our friendship became even stronger and it is not surprising that those Krasnodar citizens who go to your city to attend any festivities or arrangements feel very comfortable and almost homely atmosphere. That’s very pleasant. Today, in the question of deepening of our sister city relations and friendly ties we rely on the youth and development of people’s diplomacy, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Head of Krasnodar emphasized that it is twice as nice to meet not only students and representatives of youth associations, but also those ones who want to learn Russian language and strain after speaking Russian better, studying culture and history of Russia. During 16 years partnership Krasnodar’s and Karlsruhe’s universities have set stable contacts in the sphere of economics and computer technologies, mathematics and physics and Romano-Germanic philology including “Summer school of Russian Language”. It is telling fact that subject matters of educational and scientific-research programs of the Departments of Romano-Germanic philology and Russian Language in Kuban State University and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences are 90 percent coinciding.

“Summer school of Russian Language” student delegation consists of 7 people – representatives of one of the most prestigious universities of Karlsruhe — University of Applied Sciences: Head, Russian language interpreter, non-staff lecturer of the course of Russian language and intercultural practice Gerhardt Rolf Junghanns and his six students.  

— It is already a week that we’ve been in Krasnodar and we have stocked up the best impressions of the city: attended the gallery of art, various museums, got knowledge of local traditions, visited one Krasnodar family and on own experience fully realized the Russian hospitality, felt special Kuban hospitable board and kindness which had been heard a lot about. I absolutely disagree with the point of view existing in Europe which portrays your country as an “outcast”, — Rolf Junghanns said in good Russian.   

In the course of the meeting it has been found that many students from the delegation visit Krasnodar for the second time. They expressed satisfaction at the fact that Kuban capital is actively developing, many construction objects which have only been started in the past year, are now not “frozen” but almost finished. There are new sculptures and small architectural forms, green plantings in the city streets and parks. By the opinion of German students it’s a good indicator of sustainable growth of the city.   

— I am happy that you, representatives of young Germany, have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with youth and studentship of Krasnodar within the scope of international project. I am sure that such meetings extend cooperation between our peoples and strengthen mutual understanding. These meetings are the key for quicker solution of a certain crisis which is observed now in official European diplomacy. Come to Krasnodar oftener — in the line of “Karlsruhe-Krasnodar Friendship Association”, various student educational projects or in the composition of big people’s delegation from Karlsruhe that we expect on Krasnodar City Day, — Vladimir Evlanov addressed students.

In the end of reception parties exchanged souvenirs and gifts.

Karlsruhe is one of six sister cities of Krasnodar. In 1992 Karlsruhe and Krasnodar signed joint statement on establishing friendly relations. Sister city relations agreement was signed in 1997. “Karlsruhe-Krasnodar Friendship Association” was founded in Karlsruhe to initiate many joint projects and programs.

Date: 20 August 2015, 19:58