Natural resources

Construction materials

At the suburban territory of Krasnodar and to the south from it in the distance of about 30 km there are deposits of loam and ceramic clay suitable for production of ordinary brick, tile and expanded clay aggregate. Reserves of sand and sand-gravel aggregate are located along the old Kuban river-bed.

On the bottom of Krasnodar reservoir there are the deposits: « Dranaya khmerech », «Dubovyy perekat», «Starokorsunskaya», «Ust-Belskoye», «Beilevskoye 2 (KOSH)», «Novo-Alexeyevskoye». Annually about 1,5 mln tons of sandy-clay mixture are extracted.

The deposit of loam: Pashkovskiy deposit of loamy soils is located to the south-west, on the bank of Kuban River. The exploited height of deposit position is from 8 to 10 meters.

Yelizavetinskiy deposit of loamy soils is presented by two sites located on the right bank of Kuban river. The main plot 2 is situated in 5 km to the east of Yelizavetinskaya village and is exploited by acting brick factories.

Khakuranskoye deposit of loam exists on the skirts of Afipsip aul in 20 km to the west from Krasnodar city. The exploited deposit comprises clay resources of about 250 thousand cu m.

Teuchezhskoye (Ponezhukaiskoye) deposit of loamy soils is located in 32 km to the south-west from railway station Pashkovskoye in 4 km to the south-east from Ponezhukay aul on the right bank of Alchas river. Raw materials are good for the brick and tile manufacturing. Layers thickness is 4,2-6 m. The deposit resources are estimated of about 500 thousand cu m. It’s exploited by Ponezhukay brick factory.

Vasyurinskoye deposit of loamy soils is located in 5 km to the east from railway station Vasyurinskaya on the 1st floodland of right bank terrace of Kuban river. These loams are suitable for production of brick typed 75. Layers thickness is in range of 5,6-8,6 meters. The deposit resources are estimated of over 100 thousand cu m. It’s exploited by Vasyurinskiy factory.

Staro-Mishastovsloye (Marianskoye) deposit of loamy soils is located in 3 km to the south-east from Staromishastovskaya village on the 1st terrace of Kochety river. The loams are suitable for manufacturing of brick typed 100-150. The capacity of layers is 2-7 meters. The deposit resources amount to about 600 thousand cu m.

Dinskoye deposit of loamy soils is located on the north-east from Dinskaya village. The loamy soils are good for brick typed 100-150 manufacturing. The capacity of the layer is 2-7 m. It is exploited by Dinskaya brick factory. The resources of the loamy soils are still being explored.

Enem deposit of loamy and clayey soils is located in 15 km to the south-west from Krasnodar city on the left bank terrace of Kuban river. The capacity of the stratum is 6-8 m. At a lower layer there are deposits of livid clays. Capacity is 8-15 m. The deposit is exploited for manufacturing of brick 125, 100 and expanded clay aggregate by Enem brick factory.

Mineral waters

In the north-west part of Krasnodar there are mineral waters of medical feature:

1) Mineral water Krasnodar-3 is classified as balneal group of nitrogenic-methan waters of the weak mineralization with chlorid-hydrocarbonate-natrium composition with the higher consistency of the humus rock organic substances.

2) Iodine-bromine mineral water for outward application refers to waters of the high mineralization consisted of iodine - 17 mg/l and bromine - 4 mg/l. The discovered deposits of mineral waters are 455 cubic meters per day. The deposit is exploited by Krasnodar balneary. There are 8 acting holes, 2 are exploited. Debit of the holes - 30 thousand cubic meters per year. Medical properties of mineral waters are as following: disease treatment of motional organs, cardiovascular system disease, respiratory apparatus, digestive apparatus, nervous system, urinogenous disorders, gynecological diseases and metabolic mechanism, including diabetes.

Deep in the earth there are thermal waters, but the deposits aren′t discovered yet.