Water resources

0.748 The territory of the municipal formation Krasnodar city is located in the central, the lowest part of Azov and Kuban artesian basin. Krasnodar deposits of the fresh underground waters are located in right-bank side of the valley of Kuban river and takes all territory of Krasnodar. In  latitudinal direction Krasnodar deposit of the fresh underground waters  stretches along the river Kuban  for 40 km from st. Starokorsunskaya to st.Elizavetinskaya, from the South to the North it comes from the river Kuban  for 20 - 30 km.

Hydrosystem of the municipal formation Krasnodar city consists of Kuban river, Krasnodar reservoir and separated Karasun lakes.

Kuban river flows in latitude direction – from the east to the west. Its hydro chemical content is formed under the influence of natural hydro chemical factors. The water regime of the river is featured with abundant floods during autumn-winter seasons (November – March) and rather steady summer mean water, seldom interfered by insignificant rains. The river flow off is controlling by Krasnodar reservoir.

Krasnodar reservoir is the largest artificial reservoir in North Caucasus. It was constructed in 1973. Krasnodar reservoir controls 96 % of the annual Kuban river flow off. Dam of Krasnodar reservoir is situated on 242 km from the river mouth. Square of the surface of Krasnodar reservoir is 397, 8 km2, its volume is 2, 35 bln m3, average depth is 5 m, maximum depth is 18 m (near the dam). Krasnodar reservoir being the part of the Kuban hydro complex provides controlling of river flow off for sensible use in housing.

On the territory of the municipal formation Krasnodar city there are Karasun lakes the name of which means «black water». Once Karasun lakes were wide and full-flowing river Karasun and the right tributary of Kuban river flew there at the times of Yekaterinodar foundation. The fountain of this river was in 45 km to the east of Krasnodar and to the north of st. Starokorsunskaya.

At present days Karasun lakes comprise 15 stagnant lakes situated far from each other. Two Pokrovsky lakes are separated by Dmitrievskaya dam. The lake on the east from Dmitrievskaya dam is called superior Pocrovskoye and the lake on the west side of it is called lower Pocrovskoye.

Three lakes of Kalininskaya gully is situated between Seleznyov street and Stavropolskaya street. Ten Pashkovskaya lakes (separated with dam) are situated in the East part of the city. The length of the lakes is from 150 till 800 m with max length 3,5 m.