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For the third consecutive year Head of Kuban capital takes the first place in the rating of citedness and context of mentioning in mass media among Mayors of administrative centers of SFD regions. The rating is made by independent Russian research company Medialogy. Vladimir Evlanov took the lead almost in all intermediate monthly ratings of Medialogy in the past year thus ensuring the first place in overall rankings of 2015.

Once again Head of Krasnodar has topped the monthly rating of citedness and context of mentioning in mass media among Heads of administrative centers of constituent entities in Southern Federal District. At November-end the rating is drawn up by independent Russian research company “Medialogy”. Vladimir Evlanov leads in this rating for several consecutive months.

In integrated rating of one hundred biggest cities of the country (Top-100) as of 2014 which has been made by Institute of Spatial Planning “Urbanica” (St. Petersburg) in assistance with the Union of Architects of Russia, the capital of Kuban takes the second place, moving up four places compared with the previous year.

Ecological rating has been drawn up by order of Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. Apart from Krasnodar, among leaders are Moscow, Gorno-Altaisk, Voronezh and Perm.

At April-end Head of Krasnodar stays at the top of a rating of citedness in mass media. The rating involves all Mayors of SFD administrative centers who are ranked by the Russian independent research company Medialogy. Vladimir Evlanov takes the first place in the research during four months of this year.

Krasnodar Head took the second place of the popularity rating among Mayors of regional capital cities of the Russian Federation made by Center of Information Communications “Rating” (CIC “Rating”) in April.

Administration of Krasnodar has carried out an analysis of the main indices of social and economic development of Kuban capital and a range of cities from SFD in 2014.

According to Financial University affiliated to the government of the RF, Kuban capital ranks among the richest cities of the country. The study was carried out on the basis of interviews of citizens.

Comparative analysis of socioeconomic development carried out among the largest cities of SFD for the period from January to September of the past year showed that the capital of Kuban is in advance of other capitals of Southern Federal District by 16 from 31 indicators of socioeconomic development.

In December 2014 rating agency Expert RA confirmed creditworthiness of Krasnodar at the level А+ “Very high level of creditworthiness”. The outlook for rating is “stable”.

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