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All city fountains started working today at 19:00. Krasnodar Head Vladimir Evlanov participated in a solemn ceremony at Theatre Square.

Heads of enterprises and establishments, teachers and doctors, workers of culture and arts, commercial workers, employers in sphere of housing and public utilities, totally 80 women were invited to ceremonial reception held in city’s administration.

About five hundred citizens – combat veterans, students of city’s universities and secondary specialized colleges, Cossacks, pupils and leaders of public organizations of the city came to Heroes Square to pay the tribute to the memory of fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

Construction of a new submarine ship which is to begin service in the Russian Navy was officially started at enterprise «Admiralty Shipyards» in St. Petersburg today.

Today veterans of the Great Patriotic War and armed forces, military servicemen of Krasnodar garrison, representatives of Cossacks and youth organizations gathered in concert hall of regional philharmonic.

Today a meeting dedicated to 25th anniversary of soviet troops withdrawal from Republic of Afghanistan took place in Chistyakovskaya grove. Nearly 3,5 thousand Krasnodar citizens came to pay the tribute to the memory of those who discharged their duty outside motherland.

Today Krasnodar citizens mark the day of city liberation from Nazi invaders. Thousands of people came to Chistyakovskaya grove to lay flowers and wreaths to the memorial and pay the tribute to the memory of died citizens in period of the Great Patriotic War.

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