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On the New Year’s threshold Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev and Head of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov congratulated 35 citizens from among orphans who to become owners of their new homes. They received well-furnished apartments in a developing residential area of Znamenskiy hamlet.

Today at operational meeting in Krasnodar City Hall Evgeny Pervyshov set the task to reduce costs on maintenance of the administration machinery, rent of premises, service vehicles.

During the personal meeting Kuban Governor congratulated the new Head of Krasnodar on his election and assumption the position and also pinpointed priorities for their joint operation on the development of the capital of Kuban.

Today at the 27th extraordinary meeting of Krasnodar City Duma deputies voted for the candidate of new Head of Kuban capital. During the session two candidates, who were best in the contest for the post, delivered a key note speech to parliamentarians. The session work was participated by Vice-Governor of Kuban Yuri Burlachko and Deputy Chairman of Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly Petr Kurdyuk.

Today at the 65th session of Board of Directors the results of Kuban capital economic branches over 9 months have been reviewed. Acting Head of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov made a report on the achievements of three quarters of this year.

Discussion of the topic “Capabilities of the region with the eyes of business” finished the business program of the forum this year. Among major speakers of the meeting was acting Head of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov. He stated his views on the issue and denoted “drivers” of the city economy development.

Today Evgeny Pervyshov starts working as First Deputy Head of Krasnodar and simultaneously acting Head of Krasnodar. He chaired operational meeting with participation of Deputy Heads of the city, Chiefs of administration structural subdivisions and Heads of urban districts.

Today at the 25th session of Krasnodar City Duma deputies agreed on candidate Evgeny Pervyshov to the post of First Deputy Head of the capital of Kuban. The session work was participated by Vice-Governor of Kuban Yuri Burlachko.

Today Evgeny Pervyshov who had held office as Deputy Head of Krasnodar until November 2015, became the first one filing documents to the contest committee to take part in the contest for the post of Head of Krasnodar.

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