At January-end Krasnodar overfulfilled the plan of revenue collection in municipal budget

Today’s video conference led by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev covered issues of arrangements for the balance of Krasnodar Region’s budget and budgets of local municipalities, spending optimization and budgetary arrears diminishing. Head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov also took part in the conference work.

— Last year taxes and revenues were higher. Although one can say about general recessionary tendencies we are to see points of growth and find out necessary mechanisms to keep our economy progressing and maintain the usual conditions of our citizens’ life. We must find sound solutions! While everything is tightening, social programs, guarantees and payments must be completely maintained. Healthcare, education and children are our future and we will not save on them. Our goal is to keep the economy at the same level and focus on people’s daily living problems. All the decisions have to be balanced, — Veniamin Kondratiev said.

Video conference was participated by Vice-Governors of Kuban, Chiefs of regional ministries and departments. Heads of cities and districts of the region reported on the local situation via video feed.

During the conference Veniamin Kondratiev set a number of priority tasks aimed at the ensuring of well-balanced regional budget and budgets of municipalities. He gave order to analyze and optimize costs on maintenance of government staff, nearly 6000 regional and municipal institutions, actively to involve off-budget sources of financing, explore the possibility to extend an array of municipal formations of the region, firstly — small villages, which are not able to maintain their own administrative structures. Besides that we need to suspend the funding for some state programs of Krasnodar Region excluding social sphere.

Vladimir Evlanov reported on tax and nontax revenues situation in Krasnodar. Head of the capital of Kuban particularly stated that the results of January show positive dynamics – revenues of the local budget of Krasnodar were 962 million roubles with the target value — 927 mln roubles (exceeded by 3,7% or 35 mln roubles). At that, in the first month 2016 Krasnodar supplied the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region with 3,3 bln roubles of tax and nontax revenues (growth was 22,2% or 600 mln roubles compared with January 2015).

— However, there is no reason to relax. Our task is to do our best to maintain the positive tendency and to ensure the stable flow of funds into the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region in order we can secure all our obligations in social sphere, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

As a follow-up to the conference Head of the capital of Kuban entrusted the relevant departments of municipal administration with a duty to continue the work on diminishing payments arrears in municipal and regional treasury. On 1 December 2015 an amount of Krasnodar’s tax payments in arrears in consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region was 2,94 billion roubles (with consideration for enterprises in default) or 2,29 billion rouble (without enterprises in default).