Alexander Mikheev congratulated teachers and school children of Krasnodar on Knowledge Day

Celebratory assembly dedicated to Knowledge Day was held in lyceum №48 today. Acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev came to congratulate teachers, school children and their parents.

— I congratulate all pupils on Knowledge Day. Today in Krasnodar First Bell rings for 15 thousand first-graders, this is a record for our city. And totally 115 thousand pupils take to school desks. Dear first-graders, it is the start of a new stage in your lives. I wish you good marks and that the school to be your own home. I congratulate eleventh-graders on Knowledge Day. You are to pass unified state exam and take a decision what will be your future profession. Special congratulations to our respected teachers, — Alexander Mikheev said.

He underlined that majorly thanks to everyday hard labour of teachers from lyceum №48 this educational institution among other six secondary schools of Krasnodar has been awarded a grant at All-Russian level – for the development of innovative projects. And this year the lyceum’s senior pupils will have a unique opportunity to get economic knowledges — this educational institution became a base platform for National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.

During celebratory assembly teachers and parents also gave parting words to pupils and creative collectives made a music performance. Traditionally, upon the completion of the formal part pupils of eleventh-grade accompanied first-graders to their first school lesson.