The progress of implementation of national priority projects was discussed in Krasnodar administration

National projects “Health”, “Education”, “Affordable and Comfortable Housing to Citizens of Russia” have been carried out at the territory of Krasnodar in this year.

— The city should work heavily in this direction and use federal funds as active as possible to solve such important social questions as citizens’ health, getting worthy education, provision of housing, — Vladimir Evlanov remarked in the course of operational meeting today.

According to information of director of the department of economic development, investments and external affairs Elena Vasilchenko — in this year national priority project “Health” provided the possibility of conducting a great preventive maintenance: over 8 thousand people were medically examined in the city health center and it was found that almost 7 thousand of them had different risks of disease incidences. They were sent into different health care institutions. Besides of that, through the national project citizens got hepatitis, morbilli, poliomyelitis and influenza vaccination. Due to this national project 704 Krasnodar citizens received high-technology medical care. The program “Maternal certificate” has been implemented in this year.

As for the system of education development, much attention was directed to increase of number of seats in kindergartens by means of construction of new pre-school institutions, adjacent premises and due to buildings renovation, formation of family education groups and other measures. Beginning from the start of this year thanks to all taken measures over 1 thousand additional seats were created in kindergartens of the city.

A broad range of measures oriented to creation of contemporary conditions of studying in city schools is being implemented in Krasnodar. Also a change-over to new educational standards took place at primary stage of education.

99,64 percent of learners have the possibility to enjoy all advantages of modern learning environment. This is both broadband Internet, and modern dining-halls, and equipped sports halls. There are doctor's offices in all schools of Krasnodar.

In 2013, 63 families have already taken the opportunity to receive an aid grant from regional budget for the first real estate loan payment. Overall payout amount exceeded 31,5 mln rubles.

Through the Governor program 9 young Krasnodar teachers received payouts.

At the moment 771 832 square meters of housing have been commissioned within the territory of Krasnodar.

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