The 14th arena of FC Krasnodar Academy opened in regional centre

The new training ground is located inside the residential complex in Kalinina Street of the Western urban district. About a thousand children aged from 5 to 11 years old can take training here for free. The land for the construction of arena was allocated by the city administration.

"For residents of the microdistrict, for parents and boys who want to play football, the opening of the arena is a joyful event. It is important that children will not only acquire sports skills here — but also train in a warm and dry room under the supervision of experienced coaches. Much attention is paid to the development of physical culture and sports in Krasnodar. New municipal and private facilities are being designed and built. All this is good for the citizens, for the development of sports infrastructure" said Head of the Western district Alexander Kuchmin during the opening ceremony.

The arena with an area of 1200 square metres has the playing field with modern artificial turf, locker rooms, shower rooms, coaching room and seats for spectators. The Director of the Academy of FC Krasnodar Aram Fundukyan said that many residents of the microdistrict, knowing that the football club opens this training facility, had in advance enrolled their children to the football school.

"We open the arena in a modern residential complex with many young families and children. We have already received 250 applications from parents who want their children to play football. After opening, the number of such applications will be several times more," said Aram Fundukyan.

Academy of FC Krasnodar conducts training activities with children in 30 branches all around the territory of Krasnodar Region. Now 17315 pupils are engaged in football in arenas around the region, more than 7 thousand of them are in the regional center. The training is free of charge. Pupils are provided with sports equipment. The teams of different ages take part in competitions. The best trainees have the opportunity to continue their education in the boarding school of the Academy.

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