Best investment activity and budget: by results of 9 months 2019 Krasnodar leads among the capitals of the Southern Federal District

The results of the Southern Federal District capital cities development have been summed up. According to the key indicators of economic activity, Krasnodar is more than 2.5 times ahead of Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd. In total, following the results of the analysis, Krasnodar is the leader in 18 indicators out of 34. The results of social and economic development have been reviewed by the municipal department of economic development.

"These are not just numbers and indicators, but rather - the basis for analysis and understanding of the future development prospects of Krasnodar. This comparison with the largest cities of the Southern Federal District gives an understanding of what place the capital of Kuban takes among these cities, how various spheres are developing. The rating shows the reasons and dynamics of all changes - both here and in other capitals of the SFD territorial entities" said the chief of Krasnodar administration department of economic development Elena Vasilchenko.

She added that only official data of the Federal State Statistics Service is used for analysis. Results for 9 months 2019 were summed up at the end of December.

Krasnodar has achieved the best results in many areas; the regional center is the first in 18 out of 34 indicators. At the same time, compared with the results of the first quarter 2019, the number of areas in which Krasnodar leads has increased.

The regional center is the first in terms of key economic indicators, in particular:

- volume of paid services to the population by large and medium-sized organizations, the regional center is more than 2.5 times ahead of other capitals of the Southern Federal District territorial entities.

- highest level of budget revenues;

- budget execution per person;

- level of investment activity;

- volume of shipped goods of own production, performed works and services by large and medium-sized enterprises (provision of electricity, gas and steam, air conditioning);

- retail turnover by large and medium-sized organizations;

- volume of products sold at public eating places.

According to the results of socio-economic development for 9 months 2019 Krasnodar took the first place. Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd are in the second and third places respectively.

The Krasnodar administration has carried out comparative analysis since 1998.

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