Nearly 1 thousand youth events were held in Krasnodar in 2018

The city department for youth affairs organized more than 1 thousand events in 2018. In particular, for the first time Krasnodar hosted the international festival of street art "ShowYourFlow2018". Municipal camp "Dubrava" became the winner in one of the nominations of the regional stage of all-Russian competition for the organization of children's rest and recreation.

"Krasnodar is a young and active city. In 2018 we have achieved success in many areas, started new interesting projects, and successfully continued existing ones. The strength and advantage of young people — the ability to boldly take on the most difficult tasks, think outside the box, do not to stop at the achieved, strive for changes. We have many new achievements ahead of us," said the chief of the city department for youth affairs Georgy Pronkin.

At the end of December the city Youth center celebrated its sixth anniversary. Currently, it unites more than 70 youth clubs in the community.

In 2018 the municipal youth camp "Dubrava" won the nomination "The program of children's camp shifts of different thematic focus" of the regional stage of all-Russian competition "The best program of children's recreation". In the summer of 2018 "Dubrava" held 5 thematic shifts - "Patriot", "Champion", "Creativeness", "Youth leader" and "Respect to health" which was attended by 600 residents of Krasnodar aged 14 to 17 years.

The second graffiti park next to the sports complex "Olympus" was opened for street artists. Later, the first international street art festival "ShowYourFlow2018" was held there.

During the year, 16 KVN humor show games were held. The Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov handed a certificate for 200 thousand rubles to the winner of the final Open Krasnodar League of KVN. In December 2018 the team of Krasnodar city became the champion of the Central League of KVN humor show.

In 2018, the elections of members of the Youth Parliament of Krasnodar of the 4th convocation were held.

The winners of the prize of the city Mayor in 2018 were 36 young Krasnodar residents who have achieved significant results in various fields. The award ceremony was timed to the Youth Day.

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