Citizens of Krasnodar celebrate National Day of Unity

Today a range of events dedicated to the state holiday is held in the capital of Kuban. Traditionally the rally involving the broader community and then the concert of leading creative collectives of Krasnodar took place on Pushkin Square.

— The same as more than 400 years ago when people of our country opposed to Polish invaders, citizens of Russia remain united. We are all different and over many centuries we see and hear each other, we live in peace and mutual understanding as good neighbours at the territory of our multi-ethnic country. Today some countries do not feel comfortable with it — some impose sanctions against us, Russian athletes are excluded from competitions. But any difficulties make us even stronger. It has always been the case and this will be the same in future, — Vice-Governor of Kuban Yuri Burlachko spoke from the stage.

Participants of the rally which took place on Pushkin Square at midday numbered over 12,5 thousand residents and guests of Krasnodar, members of delegations from cities and districts of Krasnodar Region. Festive event was also attended by representatives of regional and municipal administrations, deputies of Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly and Krasnodar City Duma, activists of veterans and youth public organizations, political parties, regional civic movement “For Faith, Kuban and Fatherland!”, Krasnodar regional branch of All-Russian public organization “Youth Guard of the United Russia”, Cossacks, members of ethnic cultural associations, labour collectives and students.

Anthems of Russia and Kuban were played. Also Deputy Chairman of Krasnodar Region Legislation Assembly, Secretary of Krasnodar regional branch of All-Russian political party “United Russia” Nikolay Gritsenko, coordinator of patriotic public organization “For Faith, Kuban and Fatherland!” Nikolay Denisov, rector of Christmas temple in Krasnodar, archpriest Alexander Ignatov, President of Charitable Fund “Accessible sport”, world champion in boxing and member of Public Chamber of Krasnodar Region Dmitry Pirog, Deputy chairwoman of Krasnodar regional public organization “Ethnic cultures centre” Safiet Shamova spoke to the public from the stage.

— People living in Krasnodar Region are creative and inquisitive. Through everyday work they make our Kuban economically thriving and comfortable. We have everything — great power, idea of patriotism and mighty, uniting force — our national leader, the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin to handle all existing tasks, — Nikolay Gritsenko said.

During the concert musical programme was performed by actors of art-group “Summer birds” of Ethnic cultures centre of Krasnodar, ensembles “Kuban Cossacks outlaws” and “Wellhead”, choir of Krasnodar Philharmonics of Ponomarenko, youth vocal group “Musical quarter” and pupils of children theatrical studio “Premiere”.

It is to be recalled that on the 4th November 1612 the Russian citizens-in-arms led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharskiy made a rush at Сhinatown and liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. In honour of this event on 4th November the Russian citizens celebrate National Day of Unity. This holiday was established by the Federal Act “On Amendments to Article 1of the Federal Act “On Days of Military Glory (victorious days) in Russia” dated December 24, 2004. The first National Day of Unity was celebrated in Russia in 2005.