Evgeny Pervyshov: In 2019 we plan to change over to the non-cash fare system in all public transport units of the city

The Mayor of Krasnodar said about it during a joint press conference with PJSC Sberbank, Mir payment system and LLC E-ticket Kuban. The event was devoted to questions of contactless fare payment system introduction in public transport of Krasnodar, the implementation of joint loyalty programs and discussion of plans for the development of non-cash payments infrastructure in the region. In addition, during the press conference, participants announced that from July 10 the citizens of Krasnodar will be able to pay fare in public transport with their contactless bank card Mir at a lower price - 22 rubles instead of 26.

"We continue to develop an electronic system of fare collection to the effect that already in 2019 to move away from cash payments in public transport of our city. Such a task was given to the city services. Of course, our main objective is the modernization and renewal of rolling stock, construction of new public transport lines. With the support of Krasnodar Region administration commencing from 2019 we plan to start a program of gradual replacement of the tram fleet — with volume of financing nearly 1 billion rubles per annum. This is historically unparalleled and much needed. This is a new level of comfort for citizens," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The Mayor also noted that the joint project with Sberbank and operators of payment systems helps to create a convenient unified fare collection system resulting in a more comfortable environment for passengers. This will also make the economy of public transport companies fully transparent and more efficient.

The main participants of the press conference were managing director of the Krasnodar branch of Sberbank Andrey Oreshko, deputy chief of the department on non-financial services development of Mir payment system Sergey Romanov, CEO of LLC E-ticket Kuban Andrey Grigorenko.

"Over the first year of contactless fare collection, the number of non-cash payments in municipal public transport has been increasing every month and in May this year the residents of Krasnodar paid fares by their cards 650 thousand times. This is a great progress — in July 2017 there were only about a thousand transactions. In the future, we plan to reach a million contactless fare payments per month. This is absolutely possible.  For our part, in conjunction with the administration of Krasnodar, we are ready to provide the technical part for the complete changing over to the non-cash payments in public transport," said Andrey Oreshko.

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