Evgeny Pervyshov took part in the opening of Sberbank "office of future" in Krasnodar

In the capital of Kuban renovated office of Sberbank resumed its work. It implements the new format of the "office of future" both in the design of the premises and in the application of modern solutions for customer service and the promotion of the bank's services. The branch office was officially opened on October 5. The Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov participated in the opening ceremony.

"Sberbank is a strategic and reliable business partner with whom Krasnodar has established fruitful and successful cooperation. It is, of course, important and significant to us that the bank chose Krasnodar as the site for their "pilot" projects and is implementing innovative ideas in our city. This is fully in line with the concept of Krasnodar development, which, like the new bank office, also aspires to the future, focuses on modern technologies. I'm sure the citizens will duly appreciate the new office format, and we'll have a lot of interesting and useful projects for the city and its residents ahead," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

During the official opening ceremony the office staff and the citizens were also congratulated by the Chairman of the south-west Bank of PAO Sberbank Evgeny Titov and manager of the Krasnodar branch of PAO Sberbank Andrey Oreshko.

"Today, when everything is changing rapidly, this office, which we call the office of the future, is our present. And it won't be the only one in Krasnodar. This is all for the convenience and comfort of our customers," said Evgeny Titov.

Andrey Oreshko noted that Sberbank "office of future" is located in the business center of Krasnodar.

"Along with our employees, the bank's partners will also work here. This experience will be extended to other cities in the future, said Andrey Oreshko.

The office manager Marina Lutsenko gave a tour around the renovated office. In particular, they looked at cross functional workplaces with soft seats for visitors. They are equipped with a system of electronic cashier. It allows visitors to deposit money into their accounts without the involvement of the bank's employees.

The Mayor of Krasnodar together with the representatives of Sberbank also assessed the working area where a credit or bank card could be made and a new area of complementary services that was not available in other offices of the bank in the city. The area is based on the "co-working" principle. Everyone can enjoy the comfortable area for work. It will also be used for educational projects of Sberbank.

After introducing the office of future Evgeny Pervyshov, Evgeny Titov and Andrey Oreshko answered the questions of journalists. One of them concerned the implementation of a joint project of the city administration and Sberbank to introduce a system of contactless fare collection in urban public transport.

"It is an important step for the city to move from cash payments in public transport to a contactless fare collection. This is not only quick and convenient, but also makes the flow of funds into Krasnodar Tram and Trolleybus Directorate more transparent," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

Andrey Oreshko added that at the start of the project, when a bank card fare system was just introduced on several Krasnodar tram routes, one or two thousand transactions per month took place. In September 2017, 90 thousand payments had already been made. It is expected that in October the citizens will use bank cards to pay in public transport for more than 100 thousand times.