During the festive divine Vladimir Evlanov congratulated citizens on the Nativity of Christ

Last night Christmas divine services took place in all 38 Orthodox churches and temples of Krasnodar. Festive Divine Liturgy in the main temple of Kuban capital St. Catherine’s Cathedral was led by Metropolitan Isidor of Yekaterinodar and Kuban. Krasnodar Head Vladimir Evlanov was among parishioners.

— Every time when coming to the service in the Cathedral I notice a very special atmosphere of kindness and warmth in this sacred place. It is particularly felt in the course of Christmas divine. Christmas is a holiday which is loved and esteemed by all Orthodox Christians from olden times. It teaches to be kind and merciful, promotes high moral ideas and values which are essential for normal development and forming of spiritual and moral foundations, environment of mutual understanding and support in our city. I sincerely believe that in the coming year with God’s help we continue to carry out tasks required and jointly make even more to the benefit of Krasnodar and its citizens, — Vladimir Evlanov addressed the audience.

On the night from 6th to 7th January festive Divine Liturgy held in St. Catherine’s Cathedral was attended by citizens, representatives of authority and Cossacks. Thousands of faithful men and women came to the midnight mass, to pray and welcome the coming bright holiday of Christmas.

Festive Divine Liturgy continued for some hours. During the service the Christmas message of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia was announced. Besides that parishioners were appealed by Нis Eminence Isidor.

At the end of divine service Vladimir Evlanov took the floor again. The city Head emphasized, inter alia, that the last year Krasnodar celebrated one century anniversary of St. Catherine’s Cathedral and thanked priesthood and parishioners whose efforts made it the heart of cultural and public life of the city and also acknowledged a gratitude to everybody who took part in renovation and improvement works taking place at the territory of the Cathedral in the last year.

Also Kuban capital Head congratulated Krasnodar citizens on the bright holiday and the Nativity of Christ.

— With the whole heart I wish you welfare and all the best! Let Christmas bring each family a light of hope, love and belief that everything will be good, your relatives and friends will be healthy and there will be peace and understanding in home! — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Christmas is one of the major Christian holidays established in the honour of birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas ranks second after Easter in the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church’s holidays.  By the church calendar Christmastide goes just after Christmas and continues for 12 days until the Eve of Theophany.