Evgeny Pervyshov: On the issues of Krasnodar development I'm looking forward to the proposals of the Strategic Council

The Mayor's Council for strategic development and priority projects is a new structure which has been completed by now. Its first meeting was held on July 6 in administration of the capital of Kuban. In the course of the meeting, participants discussed the priority areas of the Council's activities and the first proposed initiatives. It was chaired by Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov.

"The structure of the Council has been formed, the composition of the committees and their heads announced and now they can embark on the issues for which they are responsible. I reckon on your suggestions and solutions that will help Krasnodar develop, become more comfortable for all of its residents," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar Vladislav Stavitsky, chiefs of departments and structures of administration, heads of working groups and committees of the Council.

At the moment, there are six committees in the following lines: "Strategic planning", "The city economy", "Municipal service and facilities and engineering infrastructure", "Urban development. Architecture. Construction.",  "Domestic policy and information", and "The city social sphere". The committees heads have been appointed.

During the meeting held on July 6, each of them defined the issues to be addressed to the particular committee, spoke of the first initiatives and projects relating to various areas of urban life.

In particular, the participants talked on cooperation in elaborating Krasnodar development strategy in the context of Krasnodar Region development strategy-2030, which is currently being carried out by Leontievsky Centre Consortium — AV Group. They elaborated on the introduction of modern electronic technologies in the management of the city's transport system, on new channels of feedback and work with public complaints and appeals, on the development of electronic document flow system, on the implementation of joint projects for the improvement of urban areas and creation of new public spaces. They made the proposals on how to increase the collection of certain taxes and charges. Many other questions related to housing and utilities services, the city economy have also been touched.

"Everything we've talked about is interesting and deserves attention. In the near future, in each direction, we'll begin to explore the possibility of introducing the mentioned initiatives. A part of activities is already being done, and we'll actively cooperate together to build the work and to develop it into practical undertakings. Primarily we should address the issues of strategic planning for the development of the city, including the development of a public transport system," said Evgeny Pervyshov.