Alexander Mikheev: “Kuban fair” is an excellent possibility to demonstrate achievements of Krasnodar’s agricultural enterprises

Today Exhibition and Congress Complex “Expograd Yug” hosted the opening of VI annual regional agroindustrial exhibition “Kuban fair-2016”.  The event was participated by acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev.

— Kuban makes one of the best agricultural products in Russia and the country knows it. Citizens of our country are ready to buy Kuban products. This year the record high harvest was collected and therefore the aim of authorities is to provide conditions for rural citizens that they could sell the harvest to their benefit.  Today we need to create product elevators and through this system to develop agricultural product sales. We are to make our own processing capacities. The next step will be the creation of farmers’ unions which will make them even more economically stronger and prosperous. We have surprisingly rich region and the set tasks will be certainly solved, — Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev said when opening the fair.

“Kuban fair” takes place in Krasnodar for the sixth time.  Ceremonial opening was also participated by Chairman of Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly Vladimir Beketov and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Eugene Gromyko.

— By organization level “Kuban fair” becomes equal to agricultural exhibition “Golden autumn” held in the capital of Russia and by number of participants and guests it even exceeds the Moscow one. Status of the fair can be raised to at least interregional level, — Eugene Gromyko stated.

The event is organized and held with the assistance of Krasnodar Region administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Region and administration of Krasnodar.

— The present fair demonstrates the results of work of the peasant homesteads and private households of Kuban and that our farmers have learned to grow, process and produce. In our region there is a great variety of products and this gives families a possibility to earn, make Kuban prosperous and Russia — strong, — Vladimir Beketov said.

This year “Kuban fair” numbers 77 participants from Krasnodar (in the past year there were 60) representing peasant homesteads, private households and self-employed entrepreneurs.

— For Krasnodar it is a big and expected event, the possibility not only to estimate achievements of Kuban agroindustrial sector, but also demonstrate one’s own. There are 30 large and medium farming establishments, 78 enterprises of food and processing industry, over 600 peasant homesteads and over 15 thousand private households. I have no doubt that the fair will be very successful, — Alexander Mikheev said.

When the official part of the event was over Veniamin Kondratiev, Vladimir Beketov, Heads of cities and districts of Krasnodar Region went through exhibition pavilions and got acquainted with exhibit booths of Kuban and Krasnodar enterprises represented at the fair.

They started reviewing exposition from the pavilion “Horticulture, winegrowing and flower gardening”. Honourable guests of the fair had a look at some booths of horticultural enterprises.

By the booth devoted to selection of varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops representatives of “Gavrish” LLC explained how they developed from a small enterprise to multi-sector company, which includes now 5 selection centers in Moscow, Tula and Krasnodar Regions, and even in Kingdom of Jordan.

For visitors exhibition organizers have prepared business and cultural-entertainment programmes: roundtables, contests, thematic photo zones. Master classes with craftspeople and artisans will be conducted in Cossacks kurens.  

Agroindustrial exhibition is divided into 11 clusters (there were 7 in the past year): animal breeding, fish farming, poultry farming, crop farming, horticulture, winegrowing and flower gardening, food products and products of national crafts, manufacture of beer and non-alcoholic drinks, wine industry and rural tourism, agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies, bee farming.

Annual agroindustrial exhibition “Kuban fair” has been held since 2011in accordance with an order issued by Krasnodar Region Governor.