Vladimir Evlanov commended a new street art painting in Dzerzhinskogo Street

A new large-scale graffiti of 180 square meters appeared in the capital of Kuban on the wall of a five-storey building to the address Dzerzhinskogo Street, 127. Head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov came here to have a look and appraise the painting.

—  As in the case of Krasnodar I can say that graffiti and street art are modern and significant trend, phenomenon in the life of our city, it has great prospects here. It is very important that such paintings on the walls of buildings create not only a special atmosphere but also provide the prerequisites for surrounding area to be cleaned up and beautified, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

The author of the new street art object is well-known Krasnodar “street artist” Georgy Kurinov. Vladimir Evlanov talked with the artist, residents of this and adjoining buildings in Dzerzhinskogo Street. Chairwoman of housing community Taisia Spichka told the city Head that she and other residents like the painting very much.

— Earlier the wall looked very unattractive. It was sloppy, decayed and required reconditioning. There could be some kind of commercial advertisement, nevertheless now we see a true work of art, uncommon and futuristic. Over these days many people came to look at the process of work, told friends about it and took photos on its background, — Taisia Spichka said.

 Georgy Kurinov told about an idea put in this phantasmagoric picture.

— The work is devoted to fatherhood. In my painting “Father” I decided just to try to look at the theme globally. Image of father is represented in atmosphere of nature, the forest patron and creator of all. The main point comes down to the fact that the greatest mystery is the creation and maintenance of a new life, bearing of a new soul. Preparation and development of an idea have been started as early as in winter. I was pondering over it, drawing in variants and looking for a proper place. By now the idea has turned into reality and I’m ready for a new one.

The conversation was also participated by Director of Youth policy department of Krasnodar Region administration Sergey Kilin and Director of Youth policy municipal department Georgy Pronkin.

In the course of the talk Vladimir Evlanov supported Georgy Kurinov’s idea of creation in Krasnodar a specialized graffiti park where all “street artists” could paint and create pictures absolutely legal. First of all he proposed to work out various options where such a park could be positioned, to find a proper place for that end.

According to Sergey Kilin the idea now is accepted at the regional level. Youth commissions will work in every municipality of Krasnodar Region. They will accept applications from young artist-writers to create street-art pictures. Georgy Kurinov will become art-director of this regional project.

Sergey Kilin says that the project aims to create graffiti at walls of old buildings and houses, facilities of social infrastructure — educational and healthcare institutions, industrial premises, public transport and also 3D street-art pictures.  

— The project will both gain new momentum and become a particular breakthrough in the sphere. Put into life pictures and ideas will not only disclose the inner world of an artist but also contribute to the upbringing of best qualities among young people, cultivate love of reading and promote intellectual enrichment, — Sergey Kilin underlined.