Evgeny Pervyshov: The development of the commuter train is one of the solutions to improve the transport services of Krasnodar citizens

Prospects for the development of rail transport within the borders of Krasnodar as well as between the capital of Kuban and neighboring towns and districts were discussed by the Mayor of the regional centre Evgeny Pervyshov and deputy chief of the North Caucasian Railway of the Krasnodar territorial administration Mikhail Scherbakov during a working tour to the construction site of the Krasnodar railway detour.

"The development of urban train is a promising direction for Krasnodar. Here there is a great potential that has not yet been realized. This could be an effective solution for improving the transport services of the residents of Krasnodar and neighbouring municipalities who are regularly arriving at the capital of Kuban. I hope that the implementation of the Krasnodar railway detour project will significantly "unload" the Krasnodar node and allow us to move forward on this issue seriously. All the more so, as we have reached a number of agreements with OAO RZD's chief executives," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The working tour to the Krasnodar railway detour began from the railway station Krasnodar-1. From here by an automobile railway car Evgeny Pervyshov together with Mikhail Scherbakov arrived at the station Kozyrki in the vicinity of Korenovskaya village, from which the Krasnodar railway detour in the direction of Timashevsk is being built.

Along the route the passed by the stations that are stopping points of the commuter trains, operating from the railway station Krasnodar-1 to the suburban settlements and neighbouring municipalities.

"Now, for example, from Krasnodar we got to Dinskaya village by rail within 25 minutes. That would take much more time through traffic jams. The cost of this trip will be 24 rubles. The advantages are obvious. This only confirms that the project for the development of the Krasnodar commuter train needs to be continued further," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

At that the Mayor of the city noted that at the initial stage it is required to calculate the logistics and capabilities of the trains within the Krasnodar railway hub, the potential loads and passenger flow, how many additional railroad trains should be involved for transportation of passengers as well as to calculate the necessary number of intercepting parkings to be created.