Evgeny Pervyshov: It is necessary to preserve the maximum participation of Krasnodar in the federal and regional programs in 2018

The Mayor of the regional center has put the corresponding task to his deputies at the first in the new year working meeting in the city administration.

"2017 was quite a successful for Krasnodar, we managed to stabilize the financial situation, took part in many federal and regional programs. In the new year it is necessary to continue this work, to finish not completed projects and to start new ones. We should not miss a single federal or regional program where the city could get funding to solve social and infrastructural problems," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

Summing up the period of New Year and Christmas holidays, the Mayor of the city noted that those days passed without serious emergencies, all city services and resource organizations worked effectively.

In 2018, works on road overhaul of Turgeneva, Novorossiyskaya and Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya streets will be continued under regional programs. Also in 2018 the repair of overhead road of Sadovaya street under the federal project of the RF Ministry of Transportation "Safe and qualitative roads" will be completed.

A preliminary list of 61 sections of street and road network of the total length of more than 80 km for repair in 2018 within the framework of implementation of the federal project "Safe and qualitative roads" of the Ministry of Transportation has been formed.

In 2017 in the capital of Kuban the construction of 8 educational institutions — 5 new schools and buildings to the existing ones and 3 kindergartens was begun within the framework of the federal program "Housing". The works will be continued at all construction sites in 2018.

In 2017 within the framework of the federal project on formation of comfortable urban environment in Krasnodar 5 green zones — garden squares and boulevards, 8 large communal territories uniting from 5 to 16 apartment houses were arranged. There were totally 80 yards in this project. In the new year Krasnodar will continue to participate in the federal project.