Military parade devoted to the Victory Day took place in Krasnodar

Today parade military units of Krasnodar territorial garrison and cadets of military educational establishments marched in review at Theatre Square. Ceremonial event was participated by Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev and Head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov.

— Powerful and merciless enemy had forced Europe to its knees but 71 years ago it was crushed and broken. The enemy’s assault was crashed down with the courage of our fathers and grandfathers, their unity and common faith in justice. Millions killed and wounded, destroyed cities, blood and tears – that’s the price of the Great Victory. Our region has paid in full. The region together with the whole country fought Nazi invaders, treated the wounded and sowed bread on the former minefields. There are Kuban citizens among those who reached Berlin and stood next to the walls of Reichstag. Today we have to keep memory of those who defended freedom and independence of our native land and sacrificed their lives for the peaceful sky. More than ever we need keeping faith and allegiance to our heroic traditions. The best monument to all Heroes of the Great Patriotic War who have gone is powerful Russia and prosperous Kuban, — Veniamin Kondratiev addressed to all people gathered on the square.

Ceremonial march of Krasnodar territorial garrison troops, military and retro vehicles dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory started at 11:00. Dozens thousands people came to view this colourful event.

The solemn march was led by headquarters Director of Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation Academy, Deputy Chief of Krasnodar territorial garrison Colonel Andrey Galkin. The troops were reviewed by Chief of Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation Academy, Chief of Krasnodar territorial garrison Colonel Victor Lyakhov.

State flag of the Russian Federation, a copy of Victory Banner and flag of Krasnodar Region were brought onto the square.

The parade was opened by veterans of the Great Patriotic War who moved across the square by retro vehicles. Then the parade units totalling over 2200 people marched in review.

In particular, servicemen of military units, combat veterans, Cossacks of Kuban Cossack Army, students of Cossacks cadet corps, Krasnodar MIA university, Krasnodar Presidential cadet college, parade units of regional directorate of MIA, the Border Division of Russian Federal Security Service were participating the parade.

Ceremonial march was closed with a mechanized column of Krasnodar territorial garrison. Totally the procession included 21 units of military equipment.

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