“The Immortal Regiment” walked in the main street of Krasnodar

Today nearly 75 thousands citizens walked the main street of the capital of Kuban bearing portraits of their relatives who had contributed to the Great Victory. The participants of annual patriotic action devoted to May 9 were greeted by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev and Head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov.

— Today, more than ever, Krasnodar citizens feel unity while walking side by side in the “Immortal Regiment”. Answering the call of the soul citizens who remember and venerate memory of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers today gathered in the center of the city to show that no one is forgotten. To show that we are all proud of them and thank for their immortal feat. This is the demonstration of our love to Motherland and glorious history. The fact that the action has collected so many people — I have the sense that the entire city came here — is certainly inspiring and giving hope and faith that all of us have bright and peaceful future ahead, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Civic patriotic action “The Immortal Regiment” happens in Krasnodar for the fourth time. The participants’ column started forming on the main street of the city in section between Pushkin Street and Zhukov garden square. Memorial march started at 14:00.

Ahead of the column there were military retro vehicles, one-and-a-half-ton trucks carrying veterans of the Great Patriotic War, volunteers bearing a copy of the Victory Banner and flags with “The Immortal Regiment” symbols.

 Krasnodar march numbering more than 75 thousand people stretched over several quarters. Citizens kept in hands portraits of their relatives — participants of the Great Patriotic War (army and navy veterans, war workers, guerillas, prisoners of fascist camps, survivors of siege, resistance combatants).  

The procession finished at the Eternal Flame on Memory of Heroes Square where the action participants laid flowers and venerated memory of the fallen in years of the war.

Portraits of Victory Soldiers could be printed free of charge in offices of Krasnodar multifunctional centers and libraries marked with special banners “Aid to the Immortal Regiment”.

“The Immortal Regiment” is a public patriotic march during of which people bear photos of their relatives who participated in the Great Patriotic War. The action is held on Victory Day in many regions of Russia and other countries. Nearly 12 million people took part in “The Immortal Regiment” march throughout Russia on May 9, 2015. In Krasnodar number of participants was about 42 thousand.

The history of memorial marches in Russia has begun in 2007. First years the action was held in some cities and named differently. In 2012 it received permanent name – “The Immortal Regiment”. In 2015 All-Russian public civic and patriotic movement “The Immortal Regiment of Russia” was registered.

It is to be recalled, today’s morning there was a flower-laying ceremony by the Eternal Flame in Krasnodar.

Ceremonial march of the parade units and military equipment dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Victory took place on Theatre Square.

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