New Year shows on Theatre Square come to an end in Krasnodar

Final theatrical performance called «Lets meet New Year together with dances, humour and songs» was presented by culture centers of Central urban district. This was the last New Year show in the range of festive events held on the main square of Krasnodar.

— The plot of the play includes a journey of Grandfather Frost and the snow maiden Snegurochka through continents and countries by fairy steam train. The viewers have a look at where and how inhabitants of the earth meet New Year. Pirates and highwaymen try to derail New Year parade, but eventually the good triumphs over the evil and our young viewers receive presents, — chief of the department of culture Tatiana Ruban said.

The New Year show was participated by nearly 50 artists from two culture centers of Central urban district: solo performers of vocal ensemble «Adrenalin», choreographic ensemble «Pictured summer», dancing group «Orange», pop-folk group «Lacework». The journey involved over 20 life-size puppets — symbols of outgoing and new years a horse and a goat are among them.

The whole day long New Year fair continue its work on Theatre Square where every attendee can take a free photo with Grandfather Frost and the snow maiden Snegurochka, acquire New Year presents and sweets, souvenirs, accessories and figgery as well as go skating on ice rink, the work of which is by demand of citizens prolonged until 23:00.

Let us remember that New Year shows in Krasnodar continued daily from 2nd to 10th January on Theatre Square. Dozens thousands citizens and the city guests attended the square during the holidays.