Vladimir Evlanov spoke at the regional party forum “United team – strong Kuban”

More than 1000 members of “United Russia” party from around the region arrived in Krasnodar to sum up the results of preliminary voting on the nomination of candidates to the RF State Duma and shape plans for the future. Forum of Krasnodar regional branch of political party “United Russia” was opened by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. Head of the capital of Kuban Vladimir Evlanov addressed the audience as one of participant in primaries.

— “United Russia” party has always openly spoken to the electors. The best prove of it is primaries, preliminary voting which was held on May 22. This was an open and competitive struggle, the battle of positions, programmes and points of view. Today, resting on backstage opinion of its followers and citizens’ support, the party is forming the list of candidates. We met with the electors, took part in the debate, deliberated on existing problems and burning questions which are to be handled at the federal level. The fact that on May 22 in Krasnodar over 12 per cent citizens came to polling stations and cast their votes fully proves that residents of our city are concerned about paths of municipality development, about who will back and promote our city‘s interests in the State Duma, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Noting that a great many people were involved in the primaries Vladimir Evlanov thanked all the participants and organizers of the process. Due to their activities and initiatives preliminary voting was held at an appropriate level.

Forum of Krasnodar regional branch of All-Russian political party “United Russia” took place in one of halls of the biggest in Southern Russia complex of sport facilities “The City of Sport”. Welcoming the participants, Veniamin Kondratiev remarked that the political party “United Russia” has also contributed to the creation of this sporting complex.

— “United Russia” is a people’s party. This party has formed the Russian Federation Government and now sets the path of country’s development. No other political force in Krasnodar Region has such a significant representation and a great trust locally. Thanks to the activities of “United Russia” over recent 10 year the region has got 28 new multipurpose sports complexes, 6 ice palaces, 4 swimming pools and hundreds children playgrounds in cities and districts. Do not hesitate to tell about the party’s activities – people should understand what and who does the work. It is essential for me that the party and executive authority to be partners and jointly to work on improvement of living standards in our Region, — Veniamin Kondratiev said.