In Krasnodar specialists started work on the city development strategy 2030

The first session in the framework of development of the Kuban capital strategy for the next 11 years was held in City Hall. Based on the tender results, this work will be performed by the Krasnodar office of one of the world's leading consulting companies Ernst & Young. The session was attended by the Mayor of the city Evgeny Pervyshov.

"Work on the strategy will be large and comprehensive, but the main thing is the result. It is important to get feasible, structured and step-by-step document. We need a full-scale guide to action. Of course, the city strategy should "fit" in strategy of the development of Krasnodar Region," said Evgeny Pervyshov during the discussions.

The Mayor emphasized that the overall purpose of this work is to make Krasnodar more economically developed, convenient and comfortable for citizens. Also one of the priorities, voiced by Evgeny Pervyshov — the transition to a qualitatively higher and more efficient level of management.

The leaders of the project office of consulting company Ernst & Young, who will deal with strategy development, presented their first results.

In the beginning of the meeting, the company's senior manager Evgeny Panasenko told that Ernst & Young had worked in Russia over the past 29 years. At the moment it is completely independent Russian company, being a part of Ernst & Young international organization. Among the projects in Russia — the development strategy of Big Russian island in the Far East, the creation of the project Smart City Innopolis in Tatarstan, participation in the development of the strategy for socio-economic development of Krasnodar Region to 2030.

While preparing to the session, the company specialists monitored the opinions of citizens and experts, identified the problem points. They are associated generally with transport logistics issues, the condition and development of the road network, engineering and social infrastructure.

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