Yesternight Easter vigils took place in all temples of Krasnodar

Solemn liturgy in the main temple of the city Saint Catherine Cathedral was led by Metropolitan of Yekaterinodar and Kuban Isidor.

Prior to the service the Holy Light from Jerusalem was delivered to the temple. According to the established tradition, after its appearance the Holy Light is spread around the world. It will be delivered in all temples of Kuban.

The Easter was met in all orthodox parishes of Krasnodar where dozens thousands people came.  Holiday service began with sacred processions which symbolize the procession of Myrrhbearers to a tomb of the Saviour. Not having found the Christ in his tomb, congregate exclaimed “Christ is risen!”. This triumphant greeting was heard dozens of times during the service and each time there was an answer from believers: “Truly Christ has risen!”.

From year to year more and more residents and guests of Krasnodar come to the single most important church service. Yesternight many churches could hardly accommodate all people who wanted to get in touch with the mystery of Christian holiday of Easter. Security of parishioners was maintained by police officers and Cossacks.

Totally over 500 police officers, 300 Cossacks from Krasnodar brigade and about 250 Cossacks-volunteers from Yekaterinodar District Cossacks Society and over 400 members of private security companies pulled duty within the territory of 39 city temples and churches.

Additional forces were involved to regulate the situation on the roads and ensure security of road traffic. The number of policemen employed to that work amounted to about 100 persons.

The Easter Sunday is the major event for Christians and the greatest holiday in Orthodox Calendar. People of faith consider Easter as a symbol of transit from the death to eternally blissful life.

In Easter church brings call to memory the victory of Jesus over evil and death which has opened the way of salvation for all people. The Easter will be totally celebrated during the course of 40 days — until the Holy Ascension Day.

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