Evgeny Pervyshov took part in the start of "The Good Things" project in Krasnodar

Today Head of the capital of Kuban attended the first in region charitable shop of the project "The Good Things" which opened in Festivalny microdistrict.

— The idea of creating such a social project is very good. I have three children. And some of the things my children have grown out of, some of my personal belongings, I brought with me today. Everyone of us has clothes that we don't wear and cannot decide to throw them out. In such a way they will serve the good purpose and be useful. I think the more such socially oriented projects are, the better. Krasnodar will be a city of good deeds, — Evgeny Pervyshov said.

The first "The Good Things" shop opened in the street of Atarbekova. The project's creator is an entrepreneur from Krasnodar, Chief of the social organization "Own business" — Vyacheslav Driga. He made a small excursion around the shop for Head of the city and described the key features of his idea.

The project consists of several elements. The first is the collection of things. For that purpose there are special boxes where everyone can bring and leave unnecessary clothing. Then, all incoming items are sored out by the project's employees. Thereafter, a part of the things will be distributed among needy families free of charge. The rest of clothing will be sold in special company shops "The Good Things".

— The money from the sale of things will be used to pay for the rent of shops and employees' salaries. The profits will be transferred to the city charities, as well as to the construction of children playgrounds, sports and other social projects, — Vyacheslav Driga explained.

By the opinion of to its creators, the project will also partly help to introduce the system of separate collection of waste. You can leave completely unusable items in containers instead of throwing them into landfills. Such clothing will be recycled to the frost-protection material in a special work shop, which opens in Krasnodar Region in the next few months.