On Russia Day the solemn meeting and concert were held in Krasnodar

During ceremonial event held on Theatre Square Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev and Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov congratulated citizens and guests of Kuban capital on the national holiday.

— June 12 is a special holiday. Every year we increasingly understand how much Russia means to us and how much we are important to Russia. Kuban has always been the mainstay of the great country, the strength of our region is in creativity and peaceful labor. Kuban is one of the most successful regions of the country and this is the result of the efforts of millions of our fellow citizens. Long live the prosperous Kuban and strong Russia! — Veniamin Kondratiev addressed the gathered people on the square.

More than 20 000 people attended the rally and the concert. Among the gathered there were representatives of regional public associations, political parties, deputies of regional Legislative Assembly and the City Duma of Krasnodar, Krasnodar Region's branch of the All-Russian public movement "National Front For Russia", youth organizations and labor collectives.

During the event Veniamin Kondratiev granted 12 young people who had reached the age of 14 the passports of citizens of the Russian Federation. Those boys and girls who received the RF passports previously had taken part in the Russian action "We are citizens of Russia".

This celebration symbolizes the unity of people, the continuity of traditions and the democratic achievements of our country. Russia Day for each of us is a symbol of national cohesion and common responsibility for the present and future of the Homeland. We all want to see our country, our region and our city flourishing, with a decent standard of living and comfortable environment for everyone. These are our common challenges that affect the future of our city, our region and our Homeland, — Evgeny Pervyshov said.

After the ceremonial part, artists of Krasnodar Philharmonics of Ponomarenko, the choir of Krasnodar Region, ensemble "The Cossacks outlaws", the collectives of Creative Association "Premiere", the show group "Musical quarter", adults and children's groups of Yelizavetinskaya village hall presented their performances to the people.

The invited "stars" —  vocal-instrumental ensemble "The Blue Bird," Sergey Vasyuta and "The Sweet Sleep" group, the Band'eros and rapper Dzhigan continued the festive program of the evening.

The event ended with the mass singing of the Russian national anthem and a festive firework.