Veniamin Kondratiev, Yuri Burlachko and Evgeny Pervyshov congratulated the residents of Krasnodar on Day of Russia

More then 15 thousand residents and guests of Kuban capital came to the Pushkin Square to take part in the rally and concert, devoted to Day of Russia.

"For each of us the Fatherland begins with a birthplace. We are lucky that we live in one of the most beautiful, rich and powerful regions of the country. Kuban was, is and will be the breadbasket of Russia, we are able to work and protect our own land. Everyone of you writes with your hard work the future of our Motherland. Let's do everything to make the most beautiful and biggest country in the world — Russia — rich, prosperous and happy," said Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev.

Among those present were representatives of administrations of Krasnodar Region and the city of Krasnodar, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region, deputies of Krasnodar City Duma, members of regional public associations, regional and local branch of "United Russia" party, regional branch of the All-Russian public movement "People's Front "For Russia", residents and guests of the city — totally more than 15 thousand people.

The Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region Yuri Burlachko stressed in his speech that the country increases its political and economic potential, establishes itself as a strong and authoritative power. He noted that the elections of the President of the Russian Federation confirmed that the country is united, it is headed by a strong leader, and the whole nation shares common goals.

"This holiday is a symbol of national unity and responsibility for the present and future of the Motherland, Kuban, Krasnodar. We all want to see Russia a prosperous, economically developed country, which is to be taken into consideration worldwide. It depends on each of us. Together we form a prosperous future for our city, and that means the future of the region and country," said Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov.

During the holiday Veniamin Kondratiev, Yuri Burlachko and Evgeny Pervyshov traditionally handed passports of the RF citizens to young people aged 14.

On Pushkin Square, volunteers distributed souvenirs with the colors of national flag of Russia and St. George ribbons to the guests of the party.

After the official part the artists of creative collectives of Kuban and Russian pop stars made performances before the residents and guests of the city. The gala concert ended with fireworks.

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