Krasnodar celebrated Day of the athlete

On August 12, hundreds of trainees of municipal sports institutions and coaches of the capital of Kuban participated in exhibition sporting events and open training carried out from the morning along Krasnaya Street and near Palace of Sports Olymp. The participants were welcomed by Chief of the department of physical training and sports Anatoly Miroshnikov and founder of the charitable foundation "Accessible Sport", boxing world champion, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pirog.

"Fitness and sports are the key to strong health, beauty and unquenchable stamina. In Krasnodar people revere the glorious sports tradition and no significant event is held without the active participation of athletes. I heartily congratulate the people who are close to sport. I wish you good health, cheerfulness, Olympic perseverance, the achievement of the most ambitious aims and new victories," said Anatoly Miroshnikov.

On a professional holiday all the athletes and adherents of healthy lifestyle were also congratulated by Dmitry Pirog.

"Krasnodar has really become a territory of sports. I commend the support given by the city Mayor Evgeny Pervyshov to the development of mass sports and physical education and the promotion of healthy lifestyle among young people in the capital of Kuban. Only through these mass and vibrant sports festivals we will involve the children in sports, and have them out of the street. This is confirmed by statistics — in Krasnodar in 2017 the interest of young people in sports increased significantly and the number of children in the junior sports schools grew by times. The motto "In a healthy body — healthy spirit" is relevant today," emphasized Dmitry Pirog.