Head of Krasnodar ordered to reduce costs on maintenance of the local government body

Today at operational meeting in Krasnodar City Hall Evgeny Pervyshov set the task to reduce costs on maintenance of the administration machinery, rent of premises, service vehicles.

— We are to raise the efficiency of administration work including through the reduction of costs, reviewing the process of work, elimination of redundant functions. That process has been already started with reducing posts of two my deputies and we need to continue this effort, — Evgeny Pervyshov said.

According to information provided by Deputy Head of Krasnodar Sergey Vasin at the present moment some structural subdivisions of administration, which situate in the rented premises, exceed established norms — no more than 6,5 square meter per on employee. That’s to say they occupy more premises than they need for work.

Within the shortest time span Head of Krasnodar ordered to analyze rental contracts, rental price and define what minimum space is required for work of Krasnodar administration subdivisions.

— This is one of essential basis of saving. This work should involve all of my deputies, we are to go through all premises, view and decide which areas are really required and leave only them. At that, we have to do this before concluding rental contracts for 2017 to escape unnecessary costs from January on, — Evgeny Pervyshov instructed.

Head of Krasnodar further noted that after reducing number of Deputy Heads, the new ones will not be appointed. At the average, according to Evgeny Pervyshov, the maintenance of one Deputy Head of Krasnodar with all associated costs, including the maintenance of parlor, service vehicle, his salary, salary of his parlor’s specialists and personal driver comes at a price nearly 3,5 million roubles a year.

— The budget of the next year is a challenging one so we have to do our best to fit in its frames, to carry out all social obligations, to maintain and develop Krasnodar, — Evgeny Pervyshov underlined.

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