Fan zones will be created for residents and visitors of Krasnodar before the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup

During the upcoming football World Cup 2018 fan zones for fans may be located on the Theater and Pushkin Squares, as well as in front of the cinema "Aurora". Such a proposal was made by administration of Krasnodar.

— These venues are in the center of the city, they are of the first priority in terms of transport and pedestrian accessibility, create a single linear route of a promenade area and provide maximum capacity. The venues successfully proved themselves during mass rallies of different levels. They also are optimal from the point of security and comfortable conditions for the stay of football fans. There one can organize interactive zones and entertainment events as well as live broadcasts of World Cup matches, - employees of the Department of architecture and city planning told.

Such fan zones will be provided with screens to broadcast matches. There will be special spaces for the relaxed stay and active recreation, catering and trade areas, technical zones. Street utility systems and video surveillance tools will be modernized.

For the convenience of residents and guests of the capital of Kuban it is planned to organize the work of a visitor car park, to install multifunctional benches and street furniture, themed art-objects and modern hardscape elements. Additionally, fan zones will be fitted with electronic communication systems — Wi-Fi, the system of charging mobile devices and digital libraries.

The Department's specialists brought to mind that Krasnodar has got a similar experience of fan zones organization. In particular, during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi there was a ground of urban activity on Theater Square - at that time a big LED screen allowing online broadcasting of sports events was installed at the building of Krasnodar City Hall.