Evgeny Pervyshov attended event dedicated to passing qualification standards of "Ready for Labor and Defense" program

More than 300 employees of structural subdivisions of Krasnodar administration have reached the RLD standards over the past weekend. The trials took place in the area of the Olymp Palace of Sports.

— Citizens of Krasnodar are actively fulfilling the program of "Ready for Labor and Defense". It is remarkable that the municipal employees don't sit on the sidelines. It's a useful and necessary activity. I hope that even more citizens of Krasnodar will join this sporting event,  — Evgeny Pervyshov addressed people present.

The Head of Krasnodar also granted two pupils of Krasnodar schools Artemy Demiyanenko and Ilya Grechko the RLD "golden pins". They had excellently fulfilled the standards in their age category.

People gathered in front of the Olymp Palace of Sports were also welcomed by the Olympic trampoline champion Irina Karavaeva.

— Sports activities teach us to overcome difficulties, nurture the character, and maintain excellent physical shape. If sport goes into your life, this will make it better, you'll be stronger and more successful, and you'll pass this useful habit to your children, — Irina Karavaeva said.

Before the start of the trials, Evgeny Pervyshov looked at the sites prepared to pass the RLD standards on the territory next to Olymp Palace of Sports. The Head of Krasnodar has completed several exercises — chin ups and grenade throwing.

Municipal employees were tested throughout the day and most of the standards were passed. The remaining ones, which require special conditions and equipment, such as swimming or shooting, will be held in the near future.

In Krasnodar the first event on the RLD standards passing was held among schoolchildren as part of the Winter Festival of All-Russian sports program "Ready for Labor and Defense". Totally it was attended by almost 700 young citizens of Krasnodar. The testing was held in four city schools.

At the present moment, in the capital of Kuban there is a testing center based on the municipal Center for physical training and mass sports. To pass the standards of "Ready for Labor and Defense" program there are the sites specially defined for this purpose  — Olymp Palace of Sports, sport and recreation centre "Znamenskiy", the sports complex "Yekaterinodar" and Dinamo Palace of physical culture.

"Ready for Labor and Defense for the USSR" was a physical training program in educational, professional and sports organizations of the USSR. The program existed from 1931 to 1991. It covered the population aged between 10 to 60 years. In the Soviet army the military-sport complex was an analogy of "Ready for Labor and Defense" program. In 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a Decree on the return of the system "Ready for Labor and Defense".