Veniamin Kondratiev and Evgeny Pervyshov opened a new air-strip at Kuban capital airport

An official opening ceremony was held at Krasnodar International Airport. Governor of Kuban and Mayor of Krasnodar estimated it in work.

"Now it makes Krasnodar more accessible to the people of our country. The airport will be able to receive all types of aircrafts. I am sure that this provides additional opportunities for the further development of the region's economy, allow us to develop contacts with business from other regions and from abroad, and to be more dynamic and active as a city," said Veniamin Kondratiev.

The solemn ceremony was also attended by CEO of Basel Aero Leonid Sergeev, Vice Governor of Kuban Andrey Alekseenko, First Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of Kuban Aleksey Pereverzev.

The Mayor of regional center also congratulated the gathered people on a significant event.

"The airport of Krasnodar is of strategic importance because of its good location. The opening of new air-strip is an important and responsible event that will enable the capital of Kuban to increase air traffic and accept more flights. In the long term, the airport's capabilities can also be enhanced by the construction of a new terminal, the design of which now Basel Aero is working on", said Evgeny Pervyshov.

As Leonid Sergeev noted, all the airports of the region have already undergone reconstruction.

"That was a challenging project, and we are grateful to the regional and municipal administrations for their understanding and support. Now we have to create a new center in Krasnodar that will enable us to develop the passenger flow at the highest and most modern level, make better transport accessibility of the city and region," said Leonid Sergeev.

The new runway is 3 km long and 60 m wide. It has a concrete coating that meets all the norms and requirements. Investments in the implementation of the project amounted to 4.6 billion rubles. Now the airport can service up to 20 flight strip operations per hour instead the former nine, and receive airborne crafts of any capacity.

According to Leonid Sergeev, the construction of the strip is a part of a project for the reconstruction and development of entire airport. The reconstruction of the turn-off strip, previously used as the main runway, has already been carried out. The main runway and turn-off strips have been repaired and utilities, lighting navigational aids and other elements of the infrastructure have been replaced.

As of today's date, the airport services more than 40 airlines in 56 routes, 30 of which are international. The airport capacity is 1000 passengers per hour on domestic routes, 700 on international ones. In 2016 the airport served more than 3 million people.