Vladimir Evlanov: Urban services have to maintain just repaired underground crosswalks in perfect order

Today Head of Krasnodar examined several thoroughly repaired underground crosswalks, gave maintaining instructions and checked the work of watching cameras installed therein.  

— A large-scale capital repair of all underground crosswalks is carried out in Krasnodar for the first time ever and today I encharge our contracting organizations with a task to clean these facilities and maintain them in perfect order the whole year round. Installed watching cameras will allow us ensuring of necessary safety level of citizens, quickly repressing of offences as well as effectively dealing with vandals who spoils what was built and put in order, — Vladimir Evlanov underlined.

Krasnodar Head, his first deputy Mikhail Frolov, chiefs of administration departments, construction companies and contracting organizations heads attended two underground crosswalks situated in the area of Shosse Neftyanikov Street and “Avrora” cinema. Capital repair of these two crosswalks was conducted by “URSK” company. As the result copestone covering was replaced, stair approach steps tiled with granite, electrical wiring replaced, anti-vandal lamps installed and storm water system restored.

When reconstructing underground crosswalks special attention was paid to creation of barrier-free environment for physically challenged people: all of them are fitted with wheelchair ramps covered with nonslip tiles and two-level handrails. Laying of touch tile for visually handicapped people is to be completed in the short run.

— The project of laying of such a tile was made with assistance of public organizations of visually handicapped people and moreover disabled persons were involved for assessment in the course of the works, — Mikhail Frolov told Head of Krasnodar.

Presently urban services work over possible variants of electric elevators or lifts fitting within underground crosswalks for the purpose of barrier-free access of physically challenged people.

All underground crosswalks are equipped with HD watching video-cameras. There are totally 87 cameras. Now 67 of them are outputted to an operator’s desk, others will be joined to the system in the nearest time. The work of new equipment and quality of video picture transmitted from various microdistricts of the city in real-time mode was demonstrated the city Head at situation center.

The next step is to integrate special analytical systems which will attract an operator’s attention to emergencies and foolery of vandals.

As it was reported before, capital repair of 16 underground crosswalks was started in April of this year by the decision of regional headquarters for the development and land improvement in Krasnodar. These repair works are carried out by leading construction companies of Krasnodar at their own cost and expense.

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