Vladislav Stavitsky: In site designs of new micro-districts 25 per cent of the territories will be appropriated for separate green areas

The issues related to the development of the territories were discussed at the meeting of the City Commission on Land Management and Development chaired by Deputy Mayor of the city Vladislav Stavitsky. In particular, the participants has formulated a clear position regarding the enforcement of existing legislation in the area of the provision of green areas to future micro-districts.

"The need of at least 25 per cent of territories to be allocated for recreational areas within a city is prescribed in urban planning standards. However, this rule was previously stretched in the interests of developers. The required standard has been reached by "smearing out" of landscaping across the territory. The necessary landscaping was replaced by only lawns. Parks and squares have not been founded. Now we define a single interpretation of this rule for all the players on the construction market: The normative landscaped area should be segregated, highlighted, clearly stated and marked in the design project," said Vladislav Stavitsky.

Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar added that a unified approach to the interpretation of the regulation would be established. So, the site designs of the territories would be further evaluated from that perspective at the meetings of the Commission on Land Management and Development.

The meeting of the Commission was also attended by Director of the department of architecture and city planning Mikhail Frolov, the first Vice-Chairman of the City Duma of Krasnodar Victor Timofeyev, Heads of administrations of the city districts, Chief of the department of municipal control Alexander Zhuravlev, deputy Chief of the department of law Mikhail Dimitrenko, members of the public.

The Commission members also discussed the marking of the necessary green areas. In the first place, the separate territories should be immediately identified in the site design and in the draft of amendments to the City General Plan.

Thereafter, once the required planning documents have been approved, the boundaries will be fixed, the zones will be named and added to the approved list of existing green areas in the capital of Kuban and suburban settlements. This would not allow for a "fraction" of them in the future and would ensure the preservation of recreational zones.