In 2015 Krasnodar infrastructure expenditures totalled about 1.7 billion roubles

As part of the report at the extended session of Krasnodar City Duma Vladimir Evlanov talked of the execution of budget revenue and spending in the past year.

— The previous year own revenues of Krasnodar reached 12,6 billion roubles. This is by 878 million, or 6,5 percent less than in 2014. With regard to implementation of the budget the losses are even more significant — we did not receive almost 1 billion roubles of annual taxes mobilization plan. The budget compression is the result of crisis developments. The same situation in the past year has been observed throughout the country. Against the background of majority big cities of Russia, the losses of Krasnodar are not so great — Vladimir Evlanov reported.

Head of the city has also underlined that taking into account financing from the regional budget and other sources Krasnodar budget received slightly more than 22 billion roubles. The city expenditures made 24.3 billion roubles exceeding revenues by almost 2 billion. At that the target funding of programmes amounting to 25 billion roubles has been executed to the extent of only 20.8 billion roubles. Programmes funding shortfall was over 4 billion rubles.

In 2015 almost 90 percent of municipal budget was spent on immediate needs. These are state employees’ salaries, schools and hospitals maintenance, the city cleaning up. The largest area of municipal expenses was education sphere — in the past year it has required just short of 11 billion (45 percent) of all expenditures of the city. Other 2.1 billion went to healthcare and social sector. 3.7 billion were allocated for housing services and utilities failure-free operation, 3 billion for urban land improvements (first of all streets cleaning up, household waste management, arrangement of trash enclosures and street lighting systems).

Local budget investments in urban infrastructure in 2015 were only 1billion and 764 million roubles. For that amount we have designed and constructed roads, kindergartens, laid utility lines for land plots provided to large families.

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