In 2015 Krasnodar companies invested more than 112 billion roubles in fixed capital

When speaking at the extended session of the sixth Krasnodar City Duma Vladimir Evlanov reported on the development of industrial sector, agricultural achievements and measures taken for the support of small businesses.

— In 2015 industrial enterprises invested about 2.5 bln roubles in own production. A landmark event was the completion of ClAAS plant second stage. Overall amount of investments in fixed capital of large and medium enterprises exceeded 112 bln roubles. Increase rate to 2014 level was over 74 per cent, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

He highlighted that another major event of 2015 was the opening of Congress and Exhibition venue “EXPOGRAD-YUG” — the biggest in the south of Russia and one of the best throughout the country. According to Head of the city this will become the basis for Krasnodar to be business capital of Russian South and the center of business tourism.

Separately Vladimir Evlanov spoke of the development of agriculture. He remarked that the amount of agricultural products exceeded 3.5 bln roubles — the indicator has grown by 16 per cent in comparison with 2014.

— Crop-growing farms of the city were particularly successful; they grew by 25 per cent in 2015. Animal breeding demonstrated 4,5 per cent growth. Krasnodar poultry farm went out of bankruptcy and it was a good driver for the growth of branch. If in the suburbs meat production was kept at the level of 2014 and milk production increased by 9 percent, then the production of eggs grew by 1,3 times, — Vladimir Evlanov reported.

Head of Krasnodar paid special attention to the development of small business.

— Today over 77 thousand small and medium-sized companies work in Krasnodar. They guarantee jobs for 230 thousand people. This is an important factor of social and economic stability in our city, — Vladimir Evlanov stated.

He said that there is a municipal programme aimed at the support of small and medium businesses. 460 applications for subsidy were submitted under this programme in 2015. On the results of the examination 122 applications were approved, 56 mln roubles from the regional budget and 8,6 mln of municipal funds were granted for various business projects.