Almost every second resident of Krasnodar regularly engages in physical training and sports

At an operational meeting held by the Mayor of the regional centre Evgeny Pervyshov, participants discussed the status of the city's program for the promotion of physical training and sports in this year, as well as plans to build new sports facilities.

"It is now necessary to prepare the design and estimate documentation for the construction of new sports sites, physical training and recreation facilities in 2018. They must be close at hand, so that urban dwellers of all ages have the opportunity to engage in sports. It is important to use ready-made model projects that can seriously reduce the cost of construction," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

According to the Chief of the department of physical training and sports Anatoly Miroshnikov, until the end of 2017 in Krasnodar several sports sites, including a basketball playground in Peoples' Friendship garden square will be completely renovated. It is also planned to build two new sports sites in Dimitrova and Krasnaya Streets.

In addition, there is an agreement with FC Krasnodar football academy to build another five sports arenas in the city. Land-and-legal documentation is currently being finalized for the land areas where these sports facilities will be located.

The preparation and identification of the sites for the construction of physical training and recreation facilities within the framework of the federal targeted program "Promotion of physical training and sports in the Russian Federation for the period 2016-2020" are under way. To that end, the model projects that have already been implemented in other territories should be considered.

According to Anatoly Miroshnikov, in the first half-year in the capital of Kuban about 47 percent of the urban dwellers regularly engage in physical training and sports. Also in Krasnodar, more than 26 percent of children and adolescents in urban schools are enrolled in sports sections.