Nearly 6 thousand trees and bushes were planted in Krasnodar in 2015

At the present time planting of biennials and bulbous flowers is fulfilled by Krasnodar’s landscapers at 90 per cent of the planned target. This was reported to Vladimir Evlanov at today’s operational meeting.

— Despite difficult financial situation and lack of resources for most basic needs, the city should look beautiful and well-groomed, with great amount of flowers. Our citizens have used to it, — Vladimir Evlanov.

According to information provided by Director of the department of communal services, fuel and energy sector Evgeny Zimenko the total area of green plantings serviced by municipal public institution “Krasnodar Centre for gardening, flower cultivation and landscape design” is over 515 thousand square meters. Contracting organizations perpetually hold greening and grooming activities at 167 sites of vegetation.  

This year landscapers of Krasnodar have planted 15 thousand square meters of flower gardens made-up of annual ornamental plants, 5,5 thousand perennial plants. They have also laid 36 thousand square meters of lawn and planted nearly 6 thousand trees and bushes.

In autumn municipal services are to transplant 11,5 thousand square meters ornamental biennials and 5,5 ths sq m bulbous flowers. At this time the works are 90 per cent completed and until the end of the week will be finished.

Until 25 November specialists will execute vegetation restoration works where it has not stricken roots for one reason or another.

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