Evgeny Pervyshov: It is possible to create a cable-way public transport in Krasnodar — if the project would be realistic and comprehensive

The City Economy Committee of the strategic development and priority projects Council under the heading of Krasnodar Mayor proposed the implementation of a project for a full-fledged cable-way public transport system in the capital of Kuban. The project is currently being drafted with a view to integrating it with existing public transport systems.

"All aspects of such a project in Krasnodar should be carefully thought out and considered. And only then it will be clear how realistic the construction of the cable-way in our city is. All the more so as that it is not about a single route, but several full-featured branches and directions. An integration with existing means of public transport is very important. The cable-way is interesting for Krasnodar just as a possible systemic project," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The initiative of сable-way project was presented by Evgeny Gorobets, the leader of the City Economy Committee of the strategic development and priority projects Council headed by Krasnodar Mayor, and also the Council member, business consultant, professor Alexander Polidi.

Evgeny Gorobets said that a preliminary feasibility study on a network of cable routes in Krasnodar was currently being developed with the assistance of specialists. The main task facing professionals is to analyze how effective this mode of transport is for Kuban capital, to consider the conditions and features of its implementation.

In particular, the work will include an analysis of the current transport situation in Krasnodar, including the projected changes. A preliminary concept for the cable metro system will also be developed, pilot routes and possible stopping points linked to the stoppage of other public transport modes will be also identified.

"There are examples of the construction of cable roads in different cities around the world, no longer as tourist projects, but public transport. With existing technologies, the cable-way system can transport from 4 to 7 thousand passengers per hour. Its main advantages are that the construction of such cable-ways is several times cheaper than creating a surface road or railroad. It occupies a minimum surface area, in average 0.1 hectares per kilometer of cable-way. It does not require the construction of a large number of related infrastructure. This is an environmentally friendly and reliable transport mode," said Evgeny Gorobets.

He also noted that according to International Organization for Transportation by Rope, an introduction of rope transport resulted in reducing the total number of road crashes in cities where such systems operated. It is possible to build a cable route of up to 20 km in three to four years.