Works on replacement of old vegetation plantations are carried out in Krasnodar

Work on replacement of green belt at Krasnaya Street through the program “Capital city image to Krasnodar” was started today in the section between Komsomolskaya and Mira Streets.

— It is a scheduled work conducted through the program for urban greening and replacement of old vegetation plantations to new ones. The reconstruction embraces quarters of the central part of the city where this work is mostly needed. Every quarter will deviate from another by tree’s kind and height — from 4 to 15 meters, — one in the department of communal services commented.

Within mentioned quarter of street it is planned to remove 43 trees and plant new 46 red maples trees of 4 meters height. 1,5 mln roubles are allocated for performance of this work.

Activities on urban greening are related to regional headquarters work on the development and Krasnodar land improvement in the framework of which new architectural standards are being elaborating.

Alteration and renewal of Krasnodar green belt is considered to be a logical part of architectural changes.

As previously reported, improvement of environmental situation, preservation and enhancement of green zones in the city were reflected in Kuban capital Head report to deputies of Krasnodar City Duma.