In Krasnodar a draft budget for 2016 was approved

Today at the 7th session of Krasnodar City Duma deputies approved draft budget for the next year. Revenues of municipal treasury in 2016 are considered to be in amount of 21,1 billion roubles. The session was participated by Head of Kuban capital Vladimir Evlanov.

— Local budget 2016 takes into account all the specificities of tax and fiscal legislation. It has undergone all stages of consideration including those ones in the city Duma committees and public hearings. Krasnodar’s Chamber of Control and Accounts has performed an expert examination of the draft budget, — First Deputy Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev said.

The next session of Krasnodar City Duma was led by Vera Galushko. Among major issues of the agenda deputies considered and approved the appointment of Alexander Mikheev to the office of First Deputy Head of Krasnodar. The position of Deputy Head for Olga Yakovleva and Evgeny Naumov were also confirmed. It is to be recalled that on 7 December during operational meeting Vladimir Evlanov presented new staffing structure of Krasnodar administration.

Then deputies turned to the local budget 2016. Delivering a report on a draft of local budget for the next fiscal year Alexander Mikheev remarked that the budget’s main specifications have been formed on the basis of the forecast of social and economic development of Krasnodar for 2016 and over the planning period 2017-2018.

According to approved decision of Krasnodar City Duma, revenues of the local budget 2016 are expected to be at level 21,1 billion roubles including nearly 13,5 billion roubles of own tax and non-tax revenues and 7,6 billion roubles of non-repayable receipts from the budget of Krasnodar Region.

Costs in 2016 are planned in the amount nearly 23,16 billion roubles. Alexander Mikheev underlined that the municipal budget remains socially oriented. Most part of costs falls on social sphere. 12,9 billion roubles or 56 per cent of the whole budget 2016 will be allocated to social issues.    

The expenditure part of the local budget is formed on the basis of 23 municipal programs developed in keeping with aims of social and economic development of the city. 19,5 billion roubles or 84,4 per cent of total volume of the budget will be allocated for implementing these programs in 2016. Non-program expenditures in 2016 will be around 3,6 billion roubles, — Alexander Mikheev said.