Tourist Information Center opened in Krasnodar

Today the first municipal Tourist Information Center (TIC) was ceremonially opened to develop the tourist capabilities of the capital of Kuban.

— The opening of the center is a major event for the city. Today, Krasnodar is the largest center of business tourism, the cultural and sports capital of the region. A number of important business, sports and cultural activities take place in Krasnodar. There are more than 230 hotels and the hospitality industry is well-developed in the city. It is important that the Center represents the tourist potential not only of the city of Krasnodar but also of all resort areas of Kuban, — Minister of Resorts, Tourism and the Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar Region, Christopher Konstantinidi said.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Chairman of the Сommittee of Resorts, Spa and Tourism of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region Alexander Dzheus, Deputy Head of the capital of Kuban Liliana Yegorova, Heads of the city districts administrations, Chairman of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism Committee of the City Duma of Krasnodar Dmitry Kolomiets, Director of the city Department of economic development, investments and external affairs Elena Vasilchenko.

The TIC building is located in the historic center of the city to the address Gogolya Street, 76, in the vicinity of Cooperative market. The office has an information terminal with which you can get detailed information about hotels, touring routes, and foodservice outlets. The TIC staff will assist anyone who wishes to order a tour, book a hotel, rent a transport, and purchase promotional and information products and souvenirs.

During the opening ceremony deputy chief of the Center Marina Sharapova told honorary guests that tour operations would be their priority area. The educational and entertainment touring routes, review and thematic tours would make the city's guests and residents acquainted with the sights, history and culture of the capital of Kuban. There are now about 20 thematic excursions (walking, bus and bicycle) in Krasnodar, and around 50 of the sights of the region.

There are sightseeing tours developed for schoolchildren under the school subject "Kuban Region Studies". In conjunction with Kuban Cossack Army, special educational programs have been prepared for the Cossack classes aimed at patriotic upbringing of the younger generation.

In his statement Alexander Dzheus noted that up to 1.5 million people arrive in Krasnodar every year, most of them for business purposes: to take part in exhibitions and various forums, implementing of business projects. Many suffer from a lack of quality services. Tourist Information Center can help by providing the necessary information and transport support. It can also help with hotel accommodation and the provision of guide-interpreter services.