Evgeny Pervyshov held a reception for citizens in the public reception office of the United Russia party

To solve their problems some 20 people came to the secretary of Krasnodar local office of the party. Their cases related to the repair of housing, the creation of a barrier-free environment, the demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing, the provision of a land to large families and other topics.

Vadim Protsenko told Evgeny Pervyshov that there was a need to outfit the public transport stops with ramps in the streets of Zakharova and Industrialnaya, as well as to adjust the schedule of low-floor trams so that disabled people could easily reach any part of the city. He also requested the repair of the multi-family residential house in which he resides.

"The question of creating a barrier-free environment in the city is among the most important ones. Your comments will certainly be reviewed and worked on. As to the house renovation, we will examine it and include in the work plan of the programme of housing total renovation," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

A group of residents from one of the city microdistricts also came to the reception and complained about a large flow of traffic going through their residential area of private buildings with narrow streets in the morning and evening. They said that the installed restrictive road traffic signs were not respected by the drivers.

Evgeny Pervyshov replied that he would deal with the situation and would further develop the necessary solutions with the specialists.

As the secretary of the United Russia Krasnodar local branch Evgeny Pervyshov holds monthly receptions to the address: Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 53. Making appointment is available by telephone +7 (861) 253-94-42.